Posted On Jun 13, 2019

The Letter of Employment for your mortgage application is pretty simple. It needs to have a few essential details to make it suitable for the lender.

Here's a bit more about what your Job Letter needs to include.

Your Name and Job Title

We want to confirm your name and job title.

Start Date

When you started at this job is important, as lenders like to see some continuity in employment history - either in the particular position or in the industry.

Job Status & Pay

Are you part time, full time, permanent, temporary, contract? Are you paid hourly or a salary? Clarify this in the letter. If you are an hourly employee, indicate whether you have guaranteed hours, and how many. Also include the amount of your salary or wage.

Are you on probation?

We want to be sure your job is secure. If you're still on probation, let us know when the probationary period is over. If you're not - be sure that is stated.

Are you on maternity or any other type of leave?

If you're currently on any kind of leave, specify your return to work date.

Finishing Touches

Your letter of employment should be on company letter head with your supervisor's name, signature and phone number. Job letters are typically only considered valid for 30 days, so be aware that you might need to have your letter updated by your employer if it doesn't meet any of these criteria.